Tibor Szakaczki

Oil Painter

Tibor was born in Szikszo, Hungary in February 1968 during the time when Hungary was still under Communist rule.  In 1972 he said good-bye to his homeland when his brave parents escaped with their three young children.  After many hardships his family eventually settled in Toronto, Canada.


Tibor has three main goals in art; to paint constantly, to paint beautiful works of art and to paint a masterpiece.  Not an easy task, but one that he looks forward to every day.  


His journey in art started as a small child drawing and painting his favourite images in life.  In his mid-twenties he graduated from Humber College with a diploma in Graphic Design and Advertising.  Fine-art painting, however, wooed his heart until he could no longer ignore its call.  In 2014, Tibor made fine-art painting his full time career. During this short period Tibor has been pleasantly surprised by the sales and attention his paintings have generated.


On a different note, he has also written a few children’s short stories.  They are quite enjoyable while at the same time make the reader/listener think on a deeper level.