Frith Bail

Sculptor in Clay and Porcelain

Since I was a young child my hands have always been in clay.  Creating female forms have always been part of my repertoire. After going through treatment for breast cancer, my clay figures were an important means to help me get back to life. They held my sorrow and my madness. They led me in my search to find my inner balance. Each piece is a labor of love. I have a special spoon that I rub the unfired clay with until it glows. This Burnishing process is slow and meditative. After this, the pieces are bisque fired. The final stage is a sawdust-firing. Each piece is individually wrapped with reeds and copper wire. The little packages are layered into a steel container filled with sawdust. The top is lit on fire, and a slow and smoky firing ensues. The results are always wonderfully surprising, as the smoldering sawdust leaves its unique fiery touch on each piece.