Jim Harkness

Wood Carver

Over the 27 years his shop produced about 200,000 woodcarvings in basswood and pine, in about 800 variations.  He was the first carver to mass produce loons for the North American gift market, and he created the 320 loon profiles that marked the entrances to Northern Reflections mall stores across North America.  The work produced by his shop mainly  included songbirds, ducks, geese, cats,  beavers, roosters, puffins, nativity sets and owls.  It also included dozens of limited production items (never numbered),  from dodos, skunks, racoons, humans and angels, to woodcocks, pheasants, grouse, dogs, pigs, boobies, turkeys,  hawks and eagles, to mention a few.  They were all rough cut on a bandsaw, then carved with files, and painted with oil stains and enamels.  They were also varnished. At the request of the McMichael Collection gift shop for which he carved for the duration of his career,  he began dating his work in 1977. Work done before that is undated.

e: jim.harkness@sympatico.ca