Pauline Bradshaw 

Oil Painter

Following the pictorial traditions of heat painters, Pauline Bradshaw dedicated many years to the intensive study of old master drawings, paintings, plaster casts of antique sculpture, anatomy and the nude model.

Bradshaw was granted rare access to HRH Queen Elizabeth’s private library at Windsor Castle, to research and copy selected old master drawings.

“I’m inspired by 19th century drawings and paintings from the legendary French and British academies. There was a compelling dedication to the technique and uncompromising craftsmanship in their work. My academic training has allowed me to continue in this tradition and I try to convey a passion for drawing in my paintings.”

She paints a meticulous representation of reality, revealing intimate relationships and tensions between familiar objects.


Bradshaw passes along her extensive knowledge of academic techniques in private studio classes and work shops including the National Gallery of Canada.

Her paintings and drawings can be found in private collections in Canada, United States, Britain and Italy.