Glass & Ceramics

Rosemary Molesworth


I work in the time honoured tradition of decorating pottery with clay slips, stencils, line drawings & sgraffito to depict my interpretation of ancient cultures, rituals, and the world around me. 


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Faramarz Sajed

Hand Painted Glassware

Welcome to Arian Design! We are proud to offer a wide range of high quality hand-painted glassware. Each unique piece of functional art is hand-painted by
Canadian Artist, Faramarz Sajed.

These detailed lines are what sets Arian Design apart from other artists.

Arian Design offers a diverse and large selection of glass products including stemware, decanters and a wide range of other home decor products. The company
sells to some of the top stores across Ontario and our pieces can be found - proudly displayed in many homes.

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Hannun Lyn

Ceramic Artist

My work is a blend of delicate art and the functional object.  I am  continaully exploring the duality of the material. Historically, porcelain  has been used as a material for the functional object, more contemporary artists and artisans have begun to use the medium for conceptual self expression.   I choose both. 

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